What is siri?
Siri is a built-in "intelligent assistant" that enables users of Apple iPhone 4S and later and newer iPad and iPod Touch devices to speak natural language voice commands in order to operate the mobile device and its apps.
Tesla Car
What is Tesla Autopilot Car?
Tesla Car which has Tesla Autopilot is an advanced driver-assistance system feature offered by Tesla that has lane centering, adaptive cruise control, self-parking, the ability to automatically change lanes, and the ability to summon the car to and from a garage or parking spot. As an upgrade to the base Autopilot's capabilities, the company's stated intent is to offer full self-driving (FSD) at a future time, acknowledging that legal, regulatory, and technical hurdles must be overcome to achieve this goal.
Maps and Directions
How AI work on Maps and Directions?
When apps like Google Maps calculate traffic and construction in order to find the quickest route to your destination, that’s AI at work.

Artificial Intelligence Makes Our Lives More Efficient Every Day

AI powers many programs and services that help us do everyday things such as connecting with friends, using an email program, or using a ride-share service. If you have reservations about the use of artificial intelligence, it may be comforting to know that most of us have been using AI on a daily basis for many years.