Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is complex in nature. It uses a very complicated mixture of computer science, mathematics and other complex sciences. Complex programming helps these machines replicate the cognitive abilities of human beings.

High Cost:

Creation of artificial intelligence requires huge costs as they are very complex machines. Their repair and maintenance require huge costs. They have software programs which need frequent up gradation to cater to the needs of the changing environment and the need for the machines to be smarter by the day. In the case of severe breakdowns, the procedure to recover lost codes and reinstating the system might require huge time and cost.

No Replicating Humans:

Intelligence is believed to be a gift of nature. An ethical argument continues, whether human intelligence is to be replicated or not. Machines do not have any emotions and moral values. They perform what is programmed and cannot make the judgment of right or wrong. Even cannot take decisions if they encounter a situation unfamiliar to them. They either perform incorrectly or breakdown in such situations.

No Improvement with Experience:

Unlike humans, artificial intelligence cannot be improved with experience. With time, it can lead to wear and tear. It stores a lot of data but the way it can be accessed and used is very different from human intelligence. Machines are unable to alter their responses to changing environments. We are constantly bombarded by the question of whether it is really exciting to replace humans with machines. In the world of artificial intelligence, there is nothing like working with a whole heart or passionately. Care or concerns are not present in the machine intelligence dictionary. There is no sense of belonging or togetherness or a human touch. They fail to distinguish between a hardworking individual and an inefficient individual.


Replacement of humans with machines can lead to large-scale unemployment. Unemployment is a socially undesirable phenomenon. People with nothing to do can lead to the destructive use of their creative minds. Humans can unnecessarily be highly dependent on the machines if the use of artificial intelligence becomes rampant. They will lose their creative power and will become lazy. Also, if humans start thinking in a destructive way, they can create havoc with these machines. Artificial intelligence in wrong hands is a serious threat to mankind in general. It may lead to mass destruction. Also, there is a constant fear of machines taking over or superseding the humans. Based on the above discussion, the Association for the advancement of artificial intelligence (AAAI) has two objectives – to develop and advance the science of artificial intelligence and to promote and educate about the responsible usage of artificial intelligence. Identifying and studying the risk of artificial intelligence is a very important task at hand. This can help in resolving the issues at hand. Programming errors or cyber attacks need more dedicated and careful research. Technology companies and the technology industry as a whole needs to pay more attention to the quality of the software. Everything that has been created in this world and in our individual societies is the continuous result of intelligence. Artificial intelligence augments and empowers human intelligence. So as long we are successful in keeping the technology beneficial, we will be able to help this human civilization.